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The MSCRM 4 to MSCRM 2011 JavaScript Converter Tool converts MSCRM 4 JavaScript to the latest MSCRM 2011 Client API version. The user can either type or paste text in the CRM 4 text area shown on the left hand side of the application and then click the Convert button. The converter tool will then process the CRM 4 script by trying to find matching code snippets from the ConversionList.xml file. the user can then review the script and if required can modify the CRM 4 script and convert again. Once the user has finished performing the conversion of the JavaScript from the CRM 2011 text area shown on the right hand side of the application can be copied and placed wherever its needs to be, for example a CRM 2011 JS Web Resource.

There are many new Client API features available in 2011 that required unsupported scripting to achieve the same desired results in CRM 4 such as hiding Tabs and Form fields. This tool allows you to update script by using the Conversion.List.xml file to specify a snippet of text and replace it with something else. Usually the script snippet will contain one or more variable pieces of text that needs to be retained, for instance a field name (e.g. new_myfield) or a string constant (e.g. "something in parenthesis/quotes"). The ConversionList.xml code snippets handles this by defining these sections with the |_| (i.e. Pipe Underscore Pipe) character sequence (e.g. crmForm.all.|_|.DataValue for CRM 4 and Xrm.Page.getAttribute(|_|).getValue() for CRM 2011). the ConversionList.xml field can be updated as required to meet your needs, either adding, updating or removing <snippet> nodes.

An example without the |_| character sequence


An example with the |_| character sequence

  <crm4>crmForm.all.|_|.DataValue = |_|;</crm4>

A special feature of the |_| character sequence also includes a variable integer that can remove characters from the variable piece of text that needs to be retained before it is converted to the 2011 version (e.g. |_|2 ). This is used for previously unsupported script such as = "hidden"; where _d is no longer required. This script will convert into Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_myfield").setVisible(false);.

An example with the |_|2 character sequence

  <crm4>crmForm.all.|_|.style.visibility = "hidden";</crm4>

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